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MLB + Green

Major League Clubs emphasize and practice sustainability through waste diversion, composting, sustainable purchase, water conservation and energy efficient practices throughout the year. Efforts include comprehensive on-site gardens, Green Teams to collect recyclables, LED field lighting and solar panel installations.

All of Major League Baseball is committed to practicing responsible and socially-conscious sustainability efforts. Key initiatives include Green Team activations, front office volunteer efforts, food donations to local charities and substantive programs operated by MLB Clubs. MLB is the first professional sports league to proudly confirm all of its Clubs as members of the Green Sports Alliance, which promotes healthy, sustainable communities in sports.

Council for Responsible Sport

MLB and the Council for Responsible Sport have worked together over the past few years to certify events as socially and environmentally responsible. The 2019 MLB All-Star Game earned the Gold Certification from Council for Responsible Sport, achieving more than 75% of total best practices promoted in the standards for responsible sport. The Five Pillars of Responsible Events include Planning & Communication, Procurement, Resource Management, Access & Equity and Community Legacy.

Club Highlights

Solar Power Fact
10 Ballparks use solar power
Green Team Hat
Nine Clubs have regular-season Green Teams
LED Fact
19 Clubs have LED lighting
Diversion Rate Fact
MLB Clubs diverted an estimated 18,000 tons of Recycled or Composted Waste in 2019
Green Glove
2019 Green Glove awarded to San Francisco Giants who had a 93% Diversion Rate
Gardens Fact
12 Ballparks utilize on-site gardens
Plastic Straws Fact
Seven Clubs have eliminated plastic straws