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Front Office Directory

Front Office Executive

Title Name
Co-Chairman and Managing Partner Ray C. Davis
Co-Chairman Bob R. Simpson
Chairman, Ownership Committee and Chief Operating Officer Neil Leibman
President, Baseball Operations & General Manager Jon Daniels
Executive Vice President & General Manager Chris Young
Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer Joe Januszewski
Executive Vice President, Business Operations Rob Matwick
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kellie Fischer
Executive Vice President, General Counsel Katie Pothier
Executive Vice President, Communications John Blake
Executive Vice President, Ballpark Entertainment & Production Chuck Morgan
Executive Vice President, Sports & Entertainment Sean Decker
Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Client Services Jim Cochrane
Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service Paige Farragut
Senior Vice President, Finance Starr Gulledge
Senior Vice President, Venue Operations & Guest Experience Mike Healy
Senior Vice President, Community Impact Karin Morris
Senior Vice President, Project Development Jack Hill
Executive Assistant to Co-Chairman Keli West
Executive Assistant to the General Manager Joda Parent
Executive Assistant to Business Operations/Finance Gabrielle Stokes
Assistant, Corporate Partnerships & Business Development Jennifer Fazioli
Administrative Assistant, Ownership Support Erika Atchison