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Sox Split 50/50 Raffle
Sox Split 50/50

presented by Wintrust

April 16-19 Rollover Jackpot

Test your luck in the Rollover Jackpot occurring April 16-19, 2021 during the White Sox away series in Boston! The winner of this Raffle will be announced in the 8th inning of the April 19 White Sox vs. Red Sox game and will receive half of the net proceeds accumulated over the four days.

2021 Raffle Results
Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount
April 15 vs. Indians F-5004860 $785
April 14 vs. Indians E-9561991 $1,210
April 13 vs. Indians D-4694291 $983
April 12 vs. Indians C-7987526 $1,105
April 11 vs. Royals B-7468385 $1,869
April 8 vs. Royals A-4491747 $89,445