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Chicago White Sox Front Office

Board of Directors

Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf
Board Member Allan Muchin
Board Member Judd Malkin
Board Member Lee Stern
Board Member Jay Pinsky
Board Member Burton Ury
Board Member Robert Judelson


Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf
Senior Executive Vice President Howard Pizer
Executive Vice President Ken Williams
Senior Vice President/General Manager Rick Hahn
Senior Vice President, Administration Tim Buzard
Senior Vice President, Stadium Operations Terry Savarise
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Brooks Boyer
Senior Vice President, Communications Scott Reifert
Vice President, Community Relations/Executive Director, Chicago White Sox Charities Christine O'Reilly-Riordan
Vice President, Finance Bill Waters
Vice President, General Counsel John Corvino
Vice President, Human Resources and Risk Management Moira Foy
Secretary Adam Klein
General Counsel Allan Muchin

Major League Operations

Assistant General Manager Jeremy Haber
Senior Director of Baseball Operations Dan Fabian
Director of Baseball Analytics Matt Koenig
Director of Baseball Operations Daniel Zien
Director of Team Travel Ed Cassin
Special Assistant to the Chairman Dennis Gilbert
Special Assistant to the Senior VP/General Manager Nick Hostetler
Special Assistant to the Senior VP/General Manager Marco Paddy
Special Assistant to the Senior VP/General Manager Bill Scherrer
Special Assistant to the Senior VP/General Manager Jim Thome
Special Assignment, Baseball Operations Ken Williams Jr.
Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President/General Manager Nancy Nesnidal
Manager of Baseball Operations Jeff Lachman
Baseball Operations Analysts Wataru Ando, Emily Blady, Shawn Farshchi, Jonathan Lewyckyi
Coordinator of Baseball Information Devin Pickett
Technical Video Coordinator Ross Mika
Baseball Video Coordinator Bryan Johnson

Minor League Operations

Director of Player Development Chris Getz
Senior Director of Minor League Operations Grace Guerrero Zwit
Special Assistant to Baseball Operations Jose Contreras
Director of Arizona Facilities Joe Lachcik
Senior Coordinator of Minor League Administration Kathy Potoski
Player Development Assistants Graham Harboe, Rod Larson
Education Coordinator Erin Santana
Minor League Clubhouse and Equipment Manager Dan Flood
Minor League Assistant Clubhouse Manager Bryant Biasotti
Latin Education Assistant Grant Flick

Amateur Scouting

Director of Amateur Scouting Mike Shirley
Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting Garrett Guest
Senior Adviser to Scouting Operations Doug Laumann

Major League Training Staff

Director of Conditioning Allen Thomas
Major League Physical Therapist/Assistant Athletic Trainer Brett Walker
Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer James Kruk
Assistant Major League Strength & Condition Coach Ibrahim Rivera
Massage Therapist Jessica Labunski

Major League Medical Staff

Lead Team Doctor Dr. Nikhil Verma
Head Athletic Trainer Emeritus Herman Schneider
Senior Medical Advisor Mike Reinold
Team Physicians Dr. Jeremy Alland, Dr. Josh Blomgren, Dr. Julie Brune, Dr. Joseph Hennessy, Dr. Scott Palmer, Dr. Kathleen Weber.
Team Orthopedics Dr. Bernard Bach, Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph, Dr. Brian Cole, Dr. Brian Forsythe, Dr. Grant Garrigues, Dr. Gregory P. Nicholson
Team Ophthalmologist Dr. David Orth
Team Optometrist Dr. R. Tracy Williams
Team Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Fishbein

Clubhouse Staff

White Sox Clubhouse Manager Robert Warren
Visiting Clubhouse Manager Jason Gilliam
Umpires' Clubhouse Manager Joe McNamara, Jr.
Assistant Home Clubhouse Manager Tom Bafia

Marketing & Advertising

Senior Director of Marketing & Advertising Gareth Breunlin
Director of Food & Beverage Ross Virando
Senior Manager of Marketing Mike Downey
Manager of Advertising Lauren Seesel
Mascot Manager Kyle Matze
Manager of Retail Marketing Samantha Schy
Coordinator of Ticket Marketing Amy Jablonsky
Marketing Coordinator Erin Ward
Mascot Assistant Cary Jones
Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Paralegal Valerie Pulido
Marketing Intern Maya Branch

Business Analytics

Director of Analytics William Snell
Director of Ticketing Strategy Liz Milla
Business Intelligence Analyst Tara Nagy
Sr. Coordinator of Ticket Promotions Anna Zeng

Business Development & Broadcasting

Senior Director of Business Development and Broadcasting Bob Grim
Manager of Business Development Jo Simmons
Coordinator of White Sox Experiences Martha Black
Special Consultant, Business Operations Frank Thomas
Radio Broadcasters Len Kasper, Darrin Jackson
Television Broadcasters Jason Benetti, Steve Stone

Game Presentation, Video Production and Scoreboard Operations

Senior Director of Game Presentation and Video Production Cris Quintana
Director of Scoreboard Operations & Video Production Jeffrey Szynal
Sr. Manager of Game Presentation Dan Mielke
Manager of Game Presentation Michael Gomez
Scoreboard Motion Graphics & Lead Designer Roman Farias
Sr. Producer/Editor & Animation Designer Justin Tuazon
Producer/Editor/Technical Director Frank Lenti
Scoreboard Motion Graphics Designer Joe Grochocki
Scoreboard Video Editor Ivan Rodriguez
Digital Video Design Specialist Adriel Echeverria
Digital Video Editor and Producer Hector Pina
Game Presentation Coordinator Jessica Wilcox
Organist Lori Moreland

Corporate Partnerships

Sr. Director, Corporate Partnerships Sales Development George McDoniel
Sr. Director, Corporate Partnerships Activation Gail Tucker
Director of Corporate Partnerships Sales Development Jeff Floerke
Manager of Partnerships Activation Kat Claeys
Manager of Corporate Partnerships Krista Pulcini
Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships Drew Fischer
Sr. Corporate Partnerships Activation Coordinator Ashley Sorensen
Corporate Partnerships Activation Coordinator Whitney Holloway, Erika Morges, Stephanie Tibble
Corporate Partnerships Sales & Research Coordinator Elizabeth Boeder
Consultant Tony Colosimo

Youth Baseball Programs

Director of Youth Baseball Michael Huff
Manager of Elite Baseball Operations James Adduci
Manager of Youth Baseball Operations Gerry Novak
Manager of Youth Baseball Operations - LaGrange Dan Pasqua

Digital Communications

Director of Digital Communications Brad Boron
Manager of Online Communications Dakin Dugaw
Manager of Digital Video Brian Gailey
Manager of Social Media Jordan Doyle
Digital Video Coordinators Erinn Casey, Blake Evaristo
Coordinator of Digital Content Syndication and Activations Emily Lamb
Social Media Intern Jessica Seibert

Design Services

Director of Design Services Matthew Peterson
Manager of Design Toby Ramos
Senior Graphic Designer Brigid Thomas
Graphic Designers Lucie Camp, Hannah Mong
Design Services Intern Nicole Cusack

Community Relations

Director of Community and Charitable Programs Sarah LaPorta
Director of Community and Player Relations Lindsey Jordan
Sr. Manager of Community Baseball Programs Anthony Olivo
Manager of Community Relations Caitlin Hanley
Senior Coordinator of Community Relations Meg Hiestand
Coordinators of Community Relations Antonia Acuna, Jamie Bronska
Community Relations Administrator Sandra Avila
Community Relations Representatives Harold Baines, John Cangelosi, Carlton Fisk, Ken Harrelson, Bo Jackson, Ron Kittle, Carlos May, Bill Melton, Donn Pall, A.J. Pierzynski, Tim Raines, Mike Squires
ACE/RBI Intern Darius Day

Media Relations

Senior Director of Media Relations Bob Beghtol
Assistant Director of Media Relations Ray Garcia
Manager of Spanish Communications/Interpreter Billy Russo
Coordinator of Media Relations Joe Roti
Coordinator of Media Services Hannah Sundwall
Media Relations Interns Peter Brooks, Jackie Kinney, Kathleen Ritter
Team Photographer Ron Vesely

Public Relations

Sr. Director of Public Relations Sheena Quinn
Coordinator of Public Relations Colin McGauley
Public Relations Special Events Assistant Kimberly Marroquin
Public Relations Intern Daniel Stewart

Administrative Staff

Assistant General Counsel Maacah Scott
Executive Assistant to the Chairman Katie Hermle
Executive Assistant to the Senior Executive Vice President Lori Palasti
Executive Assistant to the Sr. VP, Stadium Operations Lori Roppolo
Coordinator of Investor Relations and Administration Beth Anderson


Director of Accounting Mallory Penn
Accounting Manager Chris Taylor
Manager of Financial Analysis Kari Adamik
Payroll Manager John Storiz
Accounting Assistant Kathy Bingham
Payroll Specialist Tina Stack
Payroll Coordinator Nancy Trump
Coordinator of Accounts Payable Terry Considine
Coordinator of Accounts Receivable Kristy Chiaro
Treasury Accounting Coordinator Cheri Vari
Executive Assistant to Sr. VP of Admin/VP of Finance Marianne Demke

Data Processing/Management Information Systems

Senior Director of IT Mark Campbell
Senior Systems Analyst/Desktop Administrator Stan Czyzewski
Senior Network Administrator Alex Barrera
Cyber-Security/Network Administrator Kurt Miller
Database Administrator Rod Carlson
Consultant Don Brown

Human Resources

Senior Coordinator of Human Resources Leslie Gaggiano

Ticket Office

Senior Director of Ticket Operations Mike Mazza
Senior Manager of Ticket Office Seasonal Staff Tom Eichstaedt
Senior Manager of Ticket Operations Pete Catizone
Manager of Ticket Accounting Administration Larry Majkrzak
Manager of Ticket Office Systems Don Michaels
Ticket Operations Specialist Adam Dolezal
Ticket Office Specialists Danny Garcia, Blayne Sim
Coordinator of Ticket Office Services Laura Arenas
Administrative Assistant Mary Weiss

Ticket Sales

Vice President, Sales and Service Jim Willits
Director of Group Sales Jeff Bogacki
Director of Ticket Sales John Markiewicz
Director of Ticket Service and Retention Rich Kuchar
Manager of Group Sales Development Sam Lawson
Manager of Ticket Sales Administration Mina Pineda
Coordinator Client Services and Administration Natalie McSharry
Coordinator of Premium Seating Services Joey Cullerton
Coordinator of Ticket Sales Natalie Costello, Genny Johnson
Client Services Executives Whitney Miller, Maryssa Cladis, Nicholas Kapetan, Scott Stewart
Senior Group Sales Executive Scott Gbur
Group Sales Executives Owen Blake, Robert Clark, Alex Conway, Sean Dwyer, Bryan McNamara, Mike Short
New Business Executives Tara Chelios, Dominic DeAngelo, Brian Cyganek, Brian Hartzell, Colin Kibler, Alexis Wroblewski
Premium Seating Executive Peter Spear
Sales Associates Jennifer Biel, Ron Carter, Michael DiGioia, Lizbeth Fernandez, Dante Frontier, Alexandro Griffin, Tyler Peddle, Jordan Stegmiller

Central Support Services

Senior Director of Purchasing, Construction and Maintenance Mike Spidale
Director of Purchasing/CSS/Warehouse Matt Nykiel
Manager of Central Support Services Jerae Farries
Purchasing Administrator/Buyer Assistant Tracy Mobley
Senior Coordinator of Purchasing and Warehouse Leo Brady
Coordinator of Purchasing and Warehouse Cody Artuso
Central Support Services Administrator Michael Nichols

Park Operations

Senior Director of Park Operations Jonathan Vasquez
Senior Director of Event Security Steve Cardona
Senior Director of Guest Services and Diamond Suites Julie Taylor
Head Groundskeeper Roger Bossard
Manager of Guest Services & Diamond Suites Alexandria Janowiak
Manager of Park Operations Administration Jenny Kondrisack
Manager of Quality Control Dave Wanda
Senior Coordinator of Park Operations Brian Galvin
Coordinator of Guest Services Tristan Elmore
Guest Information Representatives Bea Quintero, Maria Villanueva
Receptionist Laura Randolph
Park Operations Staff Ray Gilmore, Leo Hernandez, Wayne Kramer, Curtis Nekovar, Jerry Powe, Michael Quan, Marcy Silva
Bards Room Staff Olivia Ortiz
Construction and Maintenance Staff Ken DePyper, Steve Knight, Mark Miller, Phil Minelli, Mike Ruff, Bob Sievert, Dow Smith
Public Address Announcer Gene Honda

At Your Service

Senior Director Michelle Giancaterino
Senior Manager of Guest Services John Bowen
Senior Manager of Guest Services (United Center) Maggie Acevedo
Senior Manager of Payroll Janet Hernandez
Manager of Scheduling and Training Kathy Indovina
Senior Accountant Spencer Golman
Guest Services Coordinator (United Center) Christian Irving
Guest Services Assistant Brandon Westbrook
Human Resources Assistant/Recruiter Kiara Goodrich
Human Resources Assistant/Employee Relations Joyce Jones
Event Security Coordinator Bernie Hogancamp
Payroll Coordinator Elizabeth Hernandez- Arredondo