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Astros Foundation Share2Care 50/50 Raffle


Support the Astros Foundation by participating in our 50/50 Raffle. Purchase tickets throughout the ballpark during all home games at Minute Maid Park. One lucky fan will win big every time!

The one winning ticket will be selected each game with the winner receiving half of that game's raffle proceeds and the Astros Foundation receiving the other half! The Astros Foundation seeks to harness the passion of baseball fans to support youth baseball and softball programs serving at risk children and teens.

Prize claims may be made at the Community Clubhouse located near Section 109 by presenting the winning ticket during the game or by presenting it to a Foundation representative during normal business hours at Astros Foundation Office located at 501 Crawford St, Houston, TX 77002. All prize claims must be made within 30 days of the raffle that the prize was awarded during.

The Astros Foundation is looking for enthusiastic individuals to sell charitable 50/50 raffle tickets during Astros home games this season.

Partial Tickets icon 50/50 Raffle Winnings

Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount Prize Claimed? Total Raised Winner Charity
May 13 vs. Rangers U-2209257 $12,078 Yes $6,039 Christina Butcher Astros Foundation
May 12 vs. Angels T-2913349 $5,463 Yes $10,926 Jose Arana III Astros Foundation
May 11 vs. Angels S-1133422 $7,000 Yes $13,999 Jamie Dale Astros Foundation
May 10 vs. Angels R-2076688 $4,764 Yes $9,527 Daniel Columbus Astros Foundation
May 9 vs. Bluejays Q-2341400 $13,761 Yes $27,522 Debra Frierson/Kimberly Nash Astros Foundation
May 8 vs. Bluejays P-1469478 $11,106 Yes $22,212 Joshua Esquivel Astros Foundation
May 7 vs. Bluejays O-1257723 $11,725 No $23,449 Astros Foundation
April 29 vs. Mariners N-1777344 $4,491 Yes $8,982 John Moore Astros Foundation
April 28 vs. Mariners M-2039109 $5,479 Yes $10,957 Joshua Tijerina Astros Foundation
April 27 vs. Mariners L-1346919 $5,598 No $11,196 Astros Foundation
April 26 vs. Mariners K-2161518 $4,494 Yes $8,987 Linda De Leon Astros Foundation
April 25 vs. Angels J-2524282 $8,310 Yes $16,619 Laura Torres Astros Foundation
April 24 vs. Angels I-2007460 $11,021 Yes $22,041 Sandra Lopez Astros Foundation
April 23 vs. Angels H-2071595 $7,835 Yes $15,669 Tommy Henry/Rebecca Tice Astros Foundation
April 22 vs. Angels G-2042201 $5,142 No $10,283 Astros Foundation
April 14 vs. Tigers F-2682860 $5,749 Yes $11,497 Stephen Lee Astros Foundation
April 13 vs. Tigers E-1682534 $7,423 Yes $14,845 Juan Carlos Nava Astros Foundation
April 12 vs. Tigers D-1507482 $5,200 No $10,399 Astros Foundation
April 10 vs. Athletics C-1399102 $10,092 Yes $20,183 Marjorie Frenzel Astros Foundation
April 9 vs. Athletics B-1570687 $8,528 Yes $17,055 Astros Foundation Astros Foundation
April 8 vs. Athletics A-2347395 $13,269 Yes $26,537 Donald Cullum Astros Foundation